The Commissioner’s Office for Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption is boosting and strengthening social and economic initiatives in the city’s Social and Solidarity Economy (cooperatives, third sector, associations, commons-based collaborative economies, community economies, etc.) That is why we are working together with Barcelona Activa to offer several mentoring and advice programmes run by experts in the various sectors, both to help you to get your social and economic projects off the ground as well as consolidate and strengthen your organisations.

At the same time, we’ve launched a permanent specialized and customised advisory service to support every person and organisation that needs it.

If you’ve got an idea or are getting a Social and Solidarity Economy project off the ground through this service, you will get advice on, among other things, generating ideas, legislation and taxation, marketing, drawing up a business plan, funding, leadership, plus organising and managing teams.

If you are part of a Social and Solidarity Economy organisation or business, this service will offer you advice on, among other things, on strategic planning, business models, feasibility and sustainability, marketing strategies, communication and ICT tools, organisational and participatory models, financial planning, economic management and corporate models.

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