In view of the measures being implemented by Barcelona City Council to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and protect vulnerable groups, we hereby inform you that the second Edition of the Responsible Consumer Week has been suspended.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause the people and organisations that have been working for weeks and months on the event. As soon as the situation so permits, we will be studying new ways to enable a many of the planned activities to go ahead later.

Department of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy Services

Barcelona makes it easy for you: sign up for responsible consumption!

The World Consumer Rights and Responsible Consumption Day was declared on 15 March 1983 by the United Nations Organisation as a way of promoting the rights of citizens as consumers. At Barcelona City Council, we want to emphasise these rights and to make consumption sustainable and responsible.

This is the origin of Responsible Consumption Week, whose second edition includes over 100 organised activities run by city organisations and the Espai Consum Responsable. The aim is to highlight the fact that responsible consumption is easy, that there are many options and new consumption paradigms must give priority to the common good.

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Prioritises meeting people’s needs over money and acts with democratic, sustainable, participatory and inclusive values, among others.


Based on production that respects the rights of workers, preserves ecosystem balances and highlights the culture of the land.


Products that come from the surrounding area, and boost the local economic fabric and environmental sustainability.


It puts people at the centre, promoting quality employment and the integration of vulnerable groups.


A product or service that promotes healthy and sustainable lifestyles.


Promotes active and egalitarian participation in decision-making of every member of the initiative.


Fair trade relationship, especially between North and South, based on social and environmental values.


Includes reductions in water, energy and raw-material consumption and minimises waste.


Products that prevent the generation of waste, as they last longer, are repairable, of low consumption, with minimum packaging or packaging with less impact.


Responsible consumption for a habitable city and planet

This year, the Responsible Consumption Week is being held from Friday 13 March to Sunday 5 April, under the main theme of ‘Responsible consumption and the climate emergency’.

To discover and strengthen our available options for practising responsible consumption as an essential part of combating the climate emergency.

To experience responsible consumption in all areas: food, textiles, basic services, digital consumption, tourism, health, etc.

To find out about the projects and organisations that make this possible in the city.

And also, to explain the public policies that foster it.

Come and take part!

The 2nd Responsible Consumption Week includes over 100 activities coordinated by Espai Consum Responsable and geared towards city residents. Read all about them in the agenda and sign up for the ones that interest you most.

Throughout the year, the Espai Consum Responsable provides information and guidance about existing consumption alternatives and organises all kinds of events to raise awareness about other ways of consuming.

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