The task of the Barcelona Municipal Archives is to house our city’s documentary heritage, ensuring its preservation and actively disseminating this thousand-year-old heritage.

They manage more than fifty kilometres of paper documents, over three million photographs and thousands of graphic, audiovisual, electronic and sound files. The Archives have a team of professionals who are experts in managing, preserving and disseminating the archival documents in their keeping, whose task is to describe, maintain and facilitate access to these documents, which range from the most ancient parchments to new, digitally-produced documents.

They work as part of a network of specialised centres spread across the city: 

These centres attend to over 70,000 users in person every year and receive thousands of visits and enquiries to their websites and other online resources. They also organise conferences, specialised courses, exhibitions, visits and educational activities geared towards all types of audiences with the aim of acquainting them with the city's documentary heritage and history.

The Municipal Archives, a local authority tool

 The Barcelona Municipal Archives is responsible for the following aspects:

  • To ensure the management and availability of Barcelona City Council documents.
  • To facilitate access to them to guarantee people’s rights, promote research and support the local authority.
  • To actively contribute to the collective memory, knowledge, understanding and governance of the city.


Its values are:

  • Accessibility, which includes transparency, availability, communication and a vocation to serve.
  • Innovation, which includes creativity, change and continuous improvement.
  • Collaboration, which includes cooperation, profitability, efficiency and teamwork.


The strategic lines set out are:

  • To actively contribute to governance by fostering city residents’ knowledge and understanding of the city.
  • To facilitate access to city documents and information resources and to ensure that they are preserved.
  • To promote City Council document management.
  • To develop an organisational model for the Municipal Archives System (SMA) that is a benchmark in its field and enables the City Council to respond to the demands of a constantly growing city.
Imatge d'arxiu de les milícies anrquistes durant la guerra civil, any 1936

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