We invest responsibly

The budget is the financial reflection of the municipal strategy and priorities, where resources are allocated to the local government’s main programmes and actions. For 2020, the City Council has set an expansive budget within the framework of the objectives of sustainable development to reverse inequality and to respond to the climate emergency. To develop economic activity and quality employment and to guarantee security and peaceful coexistence in the city, among other City Council budget priorities.

Local financial management in Barcelona is backed by the main rating agencies, which have repeatedly vouched for the City Council's financial strength and solvency. These entities’ reports highlight Barcelona’s surplus and its low level of debt, which have enabled the expansive tendency of its budgets.

In parallel, public procurement must be shaped as a tool for transformation. To provide its services, Barcelona City Council spends over 590 million euros every year procuring services and purchasing assets. To do this responsibly, by rewarding suppliers that do their job properly, protecting its employees and looking after the environment, helps to improve the city. This is why Barcelona City Council, in conjunction with the city’s economic and social agents, has adopted and implemented responsible procurement principles.

All the City Council's financial management is freely available to city residents via the different web pages. The aim is to strengthen transparency mechanisms and safeguard the right to information, accountability and citizen control, three essential tools for ensuring the Council’s commitment to integrity and good governance.

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Sustainable public procurement

Social public procurement

The Guide to Social Public Procurement is a tool for social and economic transformation that includes new social clauses in public procurement for boosting employment rights, gender equality, fair trade and the protection of SMEs, among others. A set of measures that go beyond state legislation, strengthening inclusive social public procurement with a social justice perspective.


Environmental public procurement

The Guide to Environmental Public Procurement briefly outlines the key elements that need to be considered in the process of introducing environmental criteria when drafting specifications for the acquisition or supply of goods, services or works by or to Barcelona City Council.


Innovative public procurement

The Guide to Innovative Public Procurement sets out Barcelona City Council’s purchasing potential to stimulate innovation with the aim of responding to the challenges facing the city and extending the impact of its social and environmental policies.