We facilitate economic activity and the development of the strategic sectors of entrepreneurship and innovation, which provide added value and generate quality employment. These are the sectors and activities linked to bio-resources and sustainability, digital technology, the creative industries, tourism and commerce.

We work to take the best advantage of the cross-cutting potential of the new industry 4.0 and the social and circular economies to strengthen services and actions throughout the entire value chain; and we continue to foster entrepreneurship and support people with business ideas.


  • To put into effect a new advisory model for entrepreneurs.
  • To continue to promote the services in the incubator network and its programmes.
  • To foster public-private partnerships for major, city-wide, transformative projects in entrepreneurship and to contribute to the “ Barcelona brand” entrepreneurship model.
  • To offer businesses increasingly specialised and digitalised services.
  • To support digital transformation and to foster more responsible and sustainable business growth.
  • To promote the required agreements to strengthen competitiveness in the metropolitan region.


  • To consolidate programmes such as LIidera for women professionals, directors and entrepreneurs.
  • To reinforce financial services, talent management, and the capture and retaining of international talent and foreign projects.
  • To design an economy plan for sustainability to boost the social and environmental transformation of economic activity.
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