We encourage training and skills acquisition among city residents and the productive sectors and we promote socio-economic innovation, guiding and supporting the required changes in the production model.

We are also continuing to develop the digital economy and digital business transformation, giving clear priority to (digital) talent, knowledge transfer and applied innovation, testing and implanting the innovations produced in our ecosystem, many of which originated in our incubators.


  • To offer basic technological training to tackle the digital gap: literacy in digital skills and specialised training.
  • To step up innovation applied to testing and the user experience of products and services.
  • To promote public-private partnerships to foster digital talent through the Barcelona STEAM plan for boosting scientific-technological vocations and the Barcelona Digital Talent alliance.
  • To consolidate InnoBA, both in the area of the social and solidarity economy (ESS) and in local and international spaces and networks, as a centre for socio-economic innovation.
  • To consolidate public-private partnerships in the Coòpolic - Ateneu Cooperatiu project.
  • To join forces in promoting a new sustainable food model within the framework of the World Capital of Sustainable Food (FAO and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact)


  • To provide advanced technological training through the IT Academy.
  • To develop the UXLab
  • To take part in drawing up the Social and Solidarity Economy City Strategy 2020-2030.
  • To consolidate InnoBadora, the business incubator linked to socio-economic innovation.
  • To reinforce the La Comunificadora project.
  • To support the Sharing Cities project linked to collaborative and platform economies.
  • To consolidate the Office to Promote Social Clauses and Social Reserves.
Impressora 3D en un ateneu de fabricació

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