Commerce is a strategic sector for cities, given that it is a cornerstone of economic activity, the shaping of urban landscapes and social integration.

Given its power to generate and distribute wealth and employment, commercial activity determines the economic vitality of urban areas. It represents very important economic values for our local economy, 21.9% of employment, and generates close to 15% of Barcelona’s GDP.

It is a decisive factor in social cohesion and integration, based on fairness and equal opportunities; it determines the layout of districts and neighbourhoods with their own identities, unique and culturally diverse activities, streets and public places as spaces for local resident interaction, markets as the neighbourhoods’ catalytic agents and so on. In short, commerce is more than an economic sector: it makes the city.


  • To promote the association model in the commercial sector.
  • To encourage participation in the world of commerce.
  • To promote local commerce, especially in the neighbourhoods, to prevent commercial desertion and urban degradation processes.
  • To defend the social value of commerce.
  • To reinforce the implementation of quality in commerce.
  • To strengthen dynamism, innovation and ongoing adaptation to the world of commerce, promoting entrepreneurship in particular.
  • To guarantee traders’ knowledge and training, and to promote ongoing adaptation to regulations to be able to respond quickly to the new needs and priorities of the world of commerce.


  • To promote responsible and sustainable local commerce through financial aid and training to improve competitiveness.
  • To launch commercial promotion campaigns and to join forces with those promoted by tradesmen's’ associations to promote commerce in the city.
  • To create a catalogue of services for the commercial sector with Barcelona Activa.
  • To promote the digitisation of commerce through pilot programmes such as financial aid for digital transformation and the VIBA loyalty platform.
  • Plan for commercial decentralisation and providing assistance to the city's areas most in need of boosting commerce: 
    • To draw up plans for developing local-oriented district economies, by developing shared strategies with district stakeholders aimed at boosting entrepreneurship, enterprise, commerce and employment.
    • To create a plan for encouraging the use of inactive premises.
  • To promote the continuity and environmental restoration of shops.
  • To provide information and statistical data on Barcelona commerce through theç website.
  • To provide information on the regulations applicable to commerce.
Establiments comercials a Gràcia
Establiments comercials a Gràcia