The Municipal Consumer Information Office (OMIC) is a free service provided by Barcelona City Council whose purpose is to help Barcelona residents, be they consumers, business people or users, to know their consumer rights and duties. 

The task of the OMIC staff forms part of the global project to construct a city focused on taking care of people and their quality of life, promoting mediation and arbitration as a means to resolve conflicts.

 Services offered

  • Information and advice on matters related to consumer activity in person, by telephone or online.
  • Processing consumer complaints and claims made by Barcelona residents or referring to establishments located in Barcelona.
  • Conciliation between the parties be means of mediation in cases of consumer conflicts.
  • Campaigns and training actions concerning consumer activity geared towards different collectives.
  • Revising and updating legal documents concerning consumer activity and making them publicly known.
  • Working jointly with businesses’ customer care services to prevent problems from emerging. 
  • Providing shops with claims forms and information about consumer and user rights and obligations.
Oficina de l'OMIC a Barcelona