Agreement with property management agents to strengthen ‘Amunt persianes’

Agreement with property management agents to strengthen ‘Amunt persianes’


The Official Association of Property Managers for Barcelona and Lleida (CAFBL) is joining in with the ‘Amunt Persianes’ initiative to revitalise ground-floor business premises. The two-year deal, with an option of a further two, will enable the professional body to share information, experiences and criteria for specific strategies and action, help attract premises of this type and collaborate in a rental pool for them.

The agreement includes the participation of over 2,400 members of the association in valuing ground-floor premises at a maximum unit cost per valuation of 160 euros (inc. VAT). This will be covered by Barcelona Activa, through a specific fund created for this purpose. The agents will also help with an approximate valuation of renovation work.

‘Amunt persianes’ has a budget of 17 million euros to promote the reactivation, diversification and balance of empty ground-floor premises in the city, according to the commercial uses and particular needs of each neighbourhood.

The measure is part of the plan to recover and relaunch the city, with a special fund of 87 million euros to provide support to the manufacturing network and employment