We promote Barcelona's economic relations with other countries and its international positioning as a way of activating the local economy and attracting activities that lead to prosperity and quality employment.

A city must have at its disposal the elements to guarantee the well-being of its citizens and its economic and social development. Therefore, the key is not only to ensure that the urban reality is positive and attractive, but also to make this reality known, recognised and perceived as such both within the city (by the people that live there) and outside the city (by people that may come to live there, do business or invest there, and so on).

Within the context of a globalised and interconnected world, Barcelona’s economic promotion in its international dimension is essential to meet the following objectives:

  • To explain Barcelona’s values and the soundness of the foundations of our economy: We have many strengths and attributes and a commitment to an open, social and solidarity economy that respects the environment and people, promotes sectoral diversification, innovation and creativity, and guarantees stability and trust. The essence of our city and everything that makes us unique must be projected to the world as a means of expressing our differential features and our identity.
  • To safeguard Barcelona’s good reputation, maintaining and improving its current international positioning, working in conjunction with companies, institutions and citizens. Barcelona’s good international positioning is a lever for activating the local economy and raising the visibility of its assets based on an agreed differential narrative.
  • To capture exterior activity that generates prosperity, opportunities and quality employment, which is the best antidote to prevent and reduce inequalities.
  • To attract, welcome and retain international talent that brings innovation and diversity to society and the local economy, making Barcelona a benchmark in welcoming and integrating the international community.
  • To boost new economic spheres and sectors such as Mobile-TIC, the design and creative industries and the logistic sector, among others, as a way of reinforcing the diversified economy and preventing monocultures.


  • To boost Barcelona’s reputation and positioning.
  • To promote Barcelona and its strategic sectors to attract foreign productive economic activity.
  • To improve Barcelona airport's intercontinental connectivity.
  • To retain the foreign community currently in Barcelona and to expand their economic activity.
  • To facilitate and provide support for establishing investment projects and foreign business in the city.


  • Managing the governance and alliance of the Barcelona brand.
  • Barcelona brand activation plan.
  • Economic promotion missions in strategic markets.
  • Sector promotion through trade shows and international conventions.
  • Actions to attract international talent.
  • Welcome platform and calendar of activation activities directed at the international talent established in the city through Barcelona International Welcome.
  • Organisation of the Barcelona International Community Day.
  • Consultancy and strategic support for investment projects.
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