We prioritise tackling unemployment and job insecurity, improving employment quality, social cohesion and advancement towards a fairer, more sustainable development model. And we promote quality employment for everyone, together with support for people in the processes of improving their employability, looking for employment and keeping abreast of technological changes and shifts in the labour market.


  • To promote the Quality Employment Agreement in Barcelona with measures to ensure equality, stability and more quality employment in the new forms of work (platform economy).
  • To prioritise actions and resources for vulnerable groups and people in a situation of job insecurity.
  • To consolidate the Saló de l’Ocupació Juvenil youth employment fair and to foster actions geared towards youth employment.
  • To promote a social and labour market integration plan to help people in an irregular situation that can be legalised.
  • To provide continuity to the consultation service to include social clauses in municipal contracts.


  • To design a new integrated employment service in Barcelona (SIOB), an employment information and management system, within the framework of the SOC-BASA relationship.
  • To join forces to define a training and employment plan for people with a physical or mental disability.
  • To boost the Programa BCN Integra, an intramunicipal agreement involving the city’s social fabric, designed to complement, strengthen and provide the City Council’s set of employment actions with more consistency.
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