The First Deputy Mayor's Office is where the city's Economic Promotion policies are developed in line with the cross-departmental sustainable development actions capable of triggering the creation of an innovative business network, quality jobs and commercial activity integrated into the urban fabric. In parallel, we decisively promote Barcelona’s reputation and international positioning and a tourism model that has a positive impact on city residents.

We are doing this:

  • With employment policies geared to combating inequalities, to enable access to the labour market and guarantee stable and quality employment.
  • With a sustainable, solvent and financially healthy budgetary policy.
  • With tax policies that put special emphasis on people with fewer resources, to build a fairer and more redistributive city. 
  • With the help of innovative initiatives with a social and cooperative focus, to develop a pluralistic, diverse and distributed economy throughout the city and to promote a change to a new economic model that puts the economy at the service of people.
  • With a goal to put Barcelona on the international stage in order to create different opportunities for growth in the various economic sectors and a tourism model based on economic, social, environmental and cultural sustainability. 
  • With the drive to develop a local and neighbourhood economy based on an extensive commercial fabric and a broad network of markets, one of the city’s main assets. 
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