Face-to-face citizen communication channels

Here you’ll find where to go to carry out procedures you if you prefer to do so in person, or if you are looking for something that is not available online or by telephone. 

  • Citizen Help and Information Offices (OAC)

    There is a citizen help and information office (OAC) in every city district. Choose what time, which day and where you want to do your council business.

  • Specialised help centres

    Discover where to go and on what topics the City Council can give you specialised information. 

  • Registry points

    Look up your nearest registry point, where you can deliver a petition or document to the City Council. 

  • Procedures and services stalls

    Check out these innovative digital self-service terminals and access information about the city and its services. You can also carry out eight municipal-register and tax-related procedures quickly and efficiently at these terminals.