Telephone communication channels for citizens

In addition to its 010 number - through which you can get information, carry out procedures and voice suggestions and complaints - the City Council also provides a civic response number, and informs you of emergency telephone numbers. 

Information and administrative procedures number

The 010 phone line is a municipal and general information helpline for facilities, scheduled events and services within the Metropolitan area. The service can also be used to carry out administrative and tax procedures (payments and direct debits) to Barcelona City Council.

Freephone numberFurther information for 010 calls.

Civic response telephone

The Civic Response phone line is dedicated specifically to complaints and suggestions regarding the city cleaning services, maintenance and control of the urban areas.

Freephone number More information on the civic response telephone number


CatSalut Respon

Fire brigade

Guàrdia Urbana

National Police

Look up other emergency numbers

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