Mutatis mutandis

By applying the technologies of each time, the evolution of the Barcelona Fire Brigade has been parallel to that of the society to whom has always dedicated its efforts. The images show us machines and utensils used by the Barcelona Fire Brigade, that reflect the technological advance resulting from the desire to offer a better service to the citizens. Such as the 22 meter “Porta” staircase that was used at the beginning of the XX century and that, according to sources of that time, it could be set “in just 6 minutes.” The tools and machines have changed, but the firefighters keep working with the same spirit of service and sacrifice that had those pioneers.

  • Barcelona Racord

  • The International Exhibition of 1929

  • A human service

  • The Genoveva

  • The fire trucks 2

  • Mary Santpere: honorary firefighter

  • To be in a good shape

  • Escombreras Oil refinery

  • Attack on Hipercor

  • The Fire Laboratory

  • The heavy snowfall of 1962

  • The helmet

  • The “Mútua”

  • When I grow up I want to be a Firefighter

  • ¡Alarma! magazine

  • Objects with history: The Liceu (Opera House)

  • Lights on!

  • Acrobatic gymnastics

  • The health service

  • Fire trucks 1

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