Fire is darkness

The spirit of service and professionalism have been constant throughout the time of existence of the body. An example is the performance of the Barcelona Fire Brigade during the civil war. The numerous outings during these years of bombing helped minimize the damage suffered by the city and the citizens while maintaining the equipment and the capacity for action intact during those years of shortages. Despite this exercise of professionalism, once the confrontations finished and Franco’s troops occupied the city, a good part of the body of firefighters underwent depurations. Just like this hidden and often dark face that marks the signs of time, the reality and circumstances of the firefighter’s work are not always how we figure…

  • The helmet

  • To be in a good shape

  • The Fire Laboratory

  • The health service

  • The “Mútua”

  • Barcelona Racord

  • Acrobatic gymnastics

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  • The Genoveva

  • Escombreras Oil refinery

  • When I grow up I want to be a Firefighter

  • ¡Alarma! magazine

  • Mary Santpere: honorary firefighter

  • A human service

  • Objects with history: The Liceu (Opera House)

  • The International Exhibition of 1929

  • Lights on!

  • The heavy snowfall of 1962

  • Attack on Hipercor

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