The Barcelona Sports Institute recognises the positive values of sport and the work carried out in the Catalan capital by men, women, children, young people, clubs, institutions and associations. It does so with a series of awards, the aim of which is to recognise and highlight aspects of sporting practise that educate and help to ensure greater cohesion in the city.

In this sense, during the year, all the initiatives, programs and the work do it by all people related to the world of sport are followed closely. That is why, through these recognitions, we want to motivate and recognize the entire sports community in the city. Below you will find out about the different awards related to sport that are awarded from the City Council of Barcelona:

  • Women and Sport Awards
  • Running for Commitments Awards
  • Count till three Awards
  • Competition+ Awards


The aim of the Women and Sport Prize is to highlight the role played by women in sport and also to recognise the merits of the competitive sports careers or sporting achievements of sportswomen. It also recognises organisations or groups that play an important role in promoting and spreading women's sport.


The Running for Compromise Awards have a dual solidarity nature since, on the one hand, they advocate initiatives and sports projects that promote social cohesion and the integration of certain groups through sport and, on the other, because the Its amount comes from the collection obtained with the inscriptions of the Mercè Race, the eDreams Mitat Marató and the Zurich Marató de Barcelona the previous year, making the spirit of overcoming its participants to have a direct impact on the well- other people


The Count till three awards have been held for more than fifteen years in the framework of the campaign to promote educational values through sport.

The prizes establish four modalities: the individuals, the groups, the institutional prize and the special prize "Josep Sardà".


These awards recognize the performance of students in biathlon and triathlon events, and also the values of sport.

Awards are given to the best performing students in both events and also to boys and girls who have shown solidarity, who have overcome challenges or who have persevered or made a special effort.

Nominees for the solidarity award should be students who have done something worthy of mention to help one of their colleagues; the award for individual achievement goes to a student with some form of disability who has managed to participate in the event; and lastly, the award for effort and perseverance goes to a student who may not have achieved the best result in the event but is considered to have made an effort, worthy of an award.

The awards form part of the school sports program "School sports in the city" (Schools do sport in the city).

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