Collaborations with other city projects

The Institut Barcelona Esports (IBE) collaborates with other city projects that promote sports practice for younger people. In fact, one of the main lines of work of the IBE is precisely that sport arrives to everybody in a easy way, especially for the children. In this way, there are different programs with which one works jointly and through which thousands of children and young people can access the sport.

"CONVIVIM ESPORTIVAMENT" (We Sportively Live Together)

It is aimed to promote the practice of sports and physical activity amongst children and youngsters from different city neighborhoods as a social inclusion tool.

It also generates a sportive offer in neighborhoods where there isn’t any other sports activity in extracurricular time.


  • “Learning sportively”

Extracurricular activities made in school’s spaces and in sports facilities (either private or municipal) of neighborhoods where this kind of offer is scarce or non-existing. The proposal is to practice team sports (such as basketball, volleyball, handball, football, hockey, etc.), individual sports (such as athletics, chess, skating, badminton, etc.), and gymnastics activities with musical support (as hip-hop, funky, etc.) together with sports initiation or mobility discovering activities.

  • “Living together tools”

Addressed to youngsters exposed to social risk or discrimination dynamics because of cultural, origin, gender or socioeconomics situation reasons, amongst others.

In this case, the use of urban sports spaces and municipal facilities is promoted and the activities includes the neighborhood’s educational workers.

The proposal includes traditional physical, sports and expressive activities (such as volleyball, indoor football, martial arts, etc.) and other alternative practices (cricket, triathlon, etc.) that give answer to the demand these youngsters have.

  • Training for the future

The Barcelona City Council wants to promote the training of boys and girls that want to become sports instructors of these activities and even help them assume organizational or management tasks that allow them to create new entities if there aren’t any in their neighborhoods.

Thus, boys and girls who want to develop expert responsibility tasks will, at least, a basic sports coordinator course (DEB) and a sports expert initiation course (CIATE).

During the implementation course there’s also a Neighborhood Sports Coordinator Expert, three Sports Expert Initiation courses and Play Tutor course. 

  • Sports, a social cohesion tool

The initiative also wants to involve parents in the sports practice with their children as a way to strengthen their relationship and at the same time promote the sports values as a model tool.


The access is made through schools or neighborhood’s sports entities that host these students.

The sports activities are held on mornings, afternoons or weekends.

“Convivim esportivament” is promoted by the Barcelona Sports Institute, in collaboration with Direcció de Serveis d’Atenció i Acollida a Immigrants, Districte de Nou Barris and Agència de Salut Pública. The diagnostics of the implementation is made together with Barcelona’s School’s Sport Foundation.

The districts of the city also participate in the project, the Direcció de programa d’Adolescència i Joventut, the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona and the Institut Municipal d’Educació.

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