Get Active at Parks

"Get Active" is the name of a program of physical and health exercise that is practiced in the open air, specifically in different parks and gardens of Barcelona, ​​and that wants to encourage physical exercise to make health, keeping an active life at the psychological and social level, finding yourself in better conditions, and reducing the risk of illnesses, while enjoying the green spaces of the city.

Combine two types of activity:

  • Eastern gymnastics: tai-chi and chi-kung, who propose series of gentle and harmonious movements that combine breathing, mental concentration and movement.
  • Motor skills and memory: Exercises with movement are proposed to stimulate the most relevant cognitive faculties, especially memory.

The activity is free. Although prior registration is not usually required, at the moment, due to the situation arising from COVID-19, users of the activity are being summoned by appointment. If you want to take part in the activity, all you have to do is contact the organizing body, which will tell you how to obtain the program's identification card. You will find the contact form here.

The benefits are:

  • Increased joint mobility
  • Improvement of balance and postural control
  • Activation of the cardiovascular system
  • Improves the capacity for attention and memory
  • The increase in personal autonomy

Everyone can participate, but it is especially suitable for people over 40.

You have to go with comfortable clothes and sports shoes; In summer it is recommended to wear a cap.

The activity is free and there is no previous registration: just go to the chosen park, where the monitor staff will collect personal information for the ID card of the "Get Active" program.

Where do you do it? Parks "Get Active"

In each district of the city there is a park where a couple of days a week these soft physical activities take place. 

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