Gymnastic circuits


A regular and systematic practice of physical exercise helps to acquire good physical health and habits that are indispensable to be well and have a better quality of life. To this end, in the city there are several gymnastics circuits that consist of outdoor-style equipment specially designed for physical exercise. They are a free and free access service that offers the opportunity to do sport to everyone and at any time of the day, and with autonomy to design their own exercise routines.

The set of elements includes a bank of abs, bending bars, fixed bars to work the arm muscles and bars of salt to improve coordination, agility and balance. These circuits are installed in different parks, gardens and squares in the districts of the city.

It is recommended to use them with comfortable clothes and sports shoes.


Barcelona has a total of 36 gymnastic circuits specially designed to promote the health of the elderly, help them maintain physical activity according to their conditions and promote the habit of moving and exercising on a regular basis . The facilities are designed to maintain balance, gain elasticity, prevent repetitive falls and improve the possibilities of making certain movements, necessary for the realization of activities of daily life.

The benefits of the sessions to the gymnastics and recreational circuits for the elderly are:

  • Improvement of physical capacity: balance, joint mobility and postural control.
  • Increase in autonomy in the practice of physical exercise.
  • Improvement of the state of health.

Everyone can participate, but it is indicated especially for people over 55 years of age or people with reduced mobility.


The City Council of Barcelona has published some notebooks with a program of exercises recommended for the elderly, according to the intensity practiced (smooth, moderate, intense). You can download them at the following links:

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