Municipal equipments

Would you like to do some sport but haven't got around to it yet? What are you waiting for? Do you already make use of the facilities in your area? Everything is on your doorstep, so doing sport is easier and more convenient for you.

In Barcelona, sport is something that anyone can do, not only because there is a full and extensive programme of activities, but also because the city boasts a network of infrastructures for doing sport that make the Catalan capital a model city for sport.

The Catalan capital has a large number of public sports facilities spread across the city that, together with the private facilities, enable people to do all kinds of physical and sports activities.

These facilities can be divided into two groups based on the requirements for using their services: facilities that are freely available and free of charge, generally situated in public spaces (squares, parks, beaches, etc.) and municipal facilities that offer a range of organised activities, for which you are required to pay a periodic subscription fee or an admission fee each time you use them.

For many years, the City Council of Barcelona has offered to offer citizens a wide range of possibilities for affordable, balanced and quality sports practice. The network of municipal sports facilities is designed to ensure that everyone in the city can find the space to develop the physical activity they want according to their preferences or their needs.

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