Municipal Sports Council


The Barcelona Municipal Sports Council is a forum where the various agents and players from the sports sector in Barcelona come together and participate.

• The Barcelona Municipal Sports Council is a consultative and participatory body for the sports sector to advise Barcelona City Council.
• The Barcelona Municipal Sports Council is also an instrument for furthering the promotion of sport and physical activity in the city.


Providing a space in which the sports agents themselves participate is important in order to give a voice to the various dimensions of sport, from the most local, grass-roots level to elite, high profile sport. It is important to get an idea of their specific needs and demands, and in that way, reflect together on the best ways to meet these needs.

There are a number of reasons why we now have a Municipal Sports Council:

  • Because of the hugely important role sport plays in the city.
  • Because there are thousands of people in Barcelona who each day do sport in clubs, associations, sports centres or simply in the streets and squares.
  • Because the sports agents want to have a say in the sport that takes place in the Catalan capital.
  • To give visibility to and respond to the demands, problems and needs of the various sports players in the city.


  • To advise the City Council on matters relating to sport and physical activity.
  • To play a part in devising, evaluating and following-up sports plans, programmes and activities.
  • To play a part in updating Barcelona's Strategic Plan for Sports.
  • To help to define the Map of Municipal Sports Facilities (MIEM).
  • To have knowledge of municipal rules and regulations that have an impact on sports policy and citizens' participation in physical activity.
  • To have knowledge of the municipal budget for sport.
  • To help devise policies to foster sports activity and promote sport in the city.
  • To encourage entities, organisations and individuals to participate in sports activities in the city, providing the resources that ensure the best use of existing sports facilities.
  • To support the sports councils or participatory bodies that deal with sport in the districts.
  • To validate the proposals put forward by working groups, set up by the Municipal Sports Council in accordance with this regulation.
  • To hold enlarged information sessions, aimed at groups interested in specific issues, in order to provide information on those issues and to gather opinions on them.
  • Any duties additional to those mentioned above entrusted to it by the president of the Barcelona Municipal Sports Council.
  • To issue a yearly report to the City Citizen Council and the corresponding Plenary Commission.

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