Sat, 12/28/2019 - 16:02

'A new model for major events', the last talk in the 2019 cycle 'The value of sport in the 21st century'

Seminars. The 2019 edition of this cycle will end on 19 December at the Palau Robert function room.

The talk ‘A new model for major events’ will take place on 19 December, closing the 2019 cycle of talks ‘The value of sport in the 21st century’.

The event, which is organised by Barcelona City Council, aims to highlight the new model currently being used in the city for the organisation of major events, its direction, how it has evolved, etc. The event is thus intended as a space for dissemination and discussion with the participation of various professionals from the world of sport.

The event will follow on from a variety of issues that were put on the table in the 1st International Congress on Sports in Big Cities which was held in Barcelona last March.

Cycle of Talks

The Municipal Sports Council of Barcelona has launched a new promotional and participatory initiative to share knowledge related to the world of physical activity and sport.

Following on from the talks held to commemorate the Barcelona ’92 Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are now addressing the new sporting realities of this 21st century.

The talks will focus on a variety of conceptual areas that we believe may be of interest to the various players in the city’s sports ecosystem, people interested in physical activity and sport, and we hope that they will also be of interest to those who practice sport.


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