Barcelona awards the Catalan Swimming Federation the Gold Medal for Sports Merit

Fri, 26/03/2021 - 13:00

The Catalan Swimming Federation was founded on 25 February 1921, thanks to historic clubs like Barcelona Swimming Club, Atlètic Swimming Club, Sabadell Swimming Club and the Mataró Swimming Club.

This Friday, the Full Municipal Council Meeting awarded the Catalan Swimming Federation the Gold Medal for Sports Merit for its work promoting swimming in all its categories (indoor, open waters, synchronised swimming, diving and water polo), and performed throughout the Federation’s 100-year history.

The Gold Medal for Sports Merit was awarded not only for the sporting successes the Federation has achieved, but also for its contribution to the city’s international profile by playing host to major national, European and world sports events.


An institution closely linked to Barcelona

Founded on 25 February 1921 by historic clubs such as the Barcelona Swimming Club, the Atlètic Swimming Club, the Sabadell Swimming Club and the Mataró Swimming Club, the Catalan Swimming Federation has developed strong roots in the capital city.  Barcelona has a strong relationship with the world of swimming and many clubs have been created there over the last hundred years. It has also built modern, new sports facilities, and can boast major sports achievements in all categories of Catalan swimming, securing both European and world championship medals. It has also hosted such big events as the 1992 Olympic Games, the 2013 World Swimming Championships and the 2018 European Water Polo Championships.

The creation of the Catalan Swimming Federation was therefore a major boost to the world of swimming because its responsibility was to welcome and unite the federated clubs, who in turn have created the conditions for developing great, high-level athletes in Barcelona and Catalonia.

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