Barcelona City Council launches its “Let’s look after those looking after us” initiative

Wed, 03/06/2020 - 10:30

Let's look after those looking after us. Barcelona City Council’s Institute of Sports is launching an initiative entitled “Cuidem a qui ens cuida” [Let's look after those looking after us] as part of the “BCN es mou dins de casa” campaign promoting citizen sports.

The initiative is aimed at providing resources from the world of sport to make up for and reduce the tension being experienced by first-line professionals attending to the public during this period of struggle against the coronavirus pandemic.  These sectors include: healthcare, transport, security forces, supermarkets, pharmacies, cleaning

The Councillor for Sports, David Escudé, has highlighted how “this campaign is aimed specifically at people from various sectors who have been looking after Barcelona’s local residents and their families during the Covid-19 crisis. Putting these people at the centre here in the world of sport, we wish to show them our gratitude by looking after them. That is why we have designed the initiative together with Municipal Sports Centres, so they can receive advice and care from sports professionals”.

The initiative involves providing video-recorded designed to attend to the needs arising from this high-demanding personal and employment situation that professionals are currently subject to. The videos provide content in three thematic blocks: relaxing physical activities, remedial physiotherapy exercises and nutritional recommendations.

In addition, professionals from these sectors will be given an email address for each of these blocks, where experts will provide personalised assistance in response to any queries there may be over the exercises or advice given.

The 3 areas of assistance 

– Physical activity

 This block provides several audio-visual contents that help to reduce stress. You will find muscular stretch exercises and remedial and toning exercises.

Email for queries:

See all the Physical Activity videos 

– Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy section contains videos on remedial exercises for several types of pain, muscular pathologies and osteoarthritis, as well as advice on repetitive job-related posture habits.

Email for queries:

See all the Physiotherapy videos 

– Nutrition

The videos on nutrition focus on giving adapted nutritional advice and how to properly organise lunch boxes and boost your immune system, among other things.

Email for queries:

See all the Nutrition videos.

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