Barcelona holds the Eliminator World Cup, the Spanish Eliminator Championship and Down Urban Barcelona as part of Cycling Week Barcelona

Sat, 14/11/2020 - 20:40

City. The Italian cyclist Gaia Tormena and the Dutch rider Jeroen van Eck were proclaimed winners of the World Cup Eliminator.

This past Saturday, 14 November, Montjuïc mountain hosted Cycling Week Barcelona. The event included three top-level mountain bike competitions: Down Urban Barcelona, ​​the Spanish Eliminator Championship and the Eliminator World Cup. The entire event was held without an audience in accordance with the health and safety measures put in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic health crisis.

Cycling Week Barcelona is one of the city’s main mountain bike events. For this reason, it was decided once again this year to hold the three competitions in the exceptional setting provided by Montjuïc mountain, where today’s best specialists raced down the stairs on the mountain running from the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium to the magic fountain.


Àlex Marin and Aina Gonzalez win Down Urban Barcelona

Down Urban Barcelona was the first race of the event. Eighty cyclists from all over the world raced down the stairs in their quest for victory. The Catalan cyclist Àlex Marin won the men’s category with a time of 1:09. The fastest cyclist in the women’s category, on the other hand, was Aina Gonzalez, with a time of 1:27.


Gaia Tormena and Jeroen van Eck win the Eliminator World Cup

With Down Urban Barcelona over, it was time for the Eliminator, a very new and breathtaking Cross Country event in which riders compete in groups of four in a short and challenging route.

The Eliminator World Cup, which was held first, also attracted some of the best international bikers of the moment. The Italian cyclist Gaia Tormena won the women’s event. She shared the podium with the German Marion Fromberger and the Catalan Sara Gay. The winner of the male event was the Dutch cyclist Jeroen van Eck. The Frenchman Lorenzo Serres finished in second place, and the German Simon Gegenheimer came third.


Sara Gay and Ignasi Jorba win the Spanish Eliminator Championship

Finally, the day ended with the Spanish Eliminator Championship. The best riders in Spain put an end to a Saturday full of sport and excitement in Barcelona. Sara Gay was crowned champion in the women’s category, with Ignasi Jorba winning the men’s event. The other occupants of the women’s podium were Sara Méndez and Noemí Moreno, and Xavier Ariza and Jorge Punzon completed the men’s.

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