Barcelona plays host to the 37th Spanish Padel Championships for top-league teams

Thu, 18/03/2021 - 10:22

Padel. The championships are taking place at the Barcelona Royal Polo Club’s facilities from 19 to 21 March.

This weekend (19-21 March) sees the Barcelona Royal Polo Club playing host to the 37th Spanish Padel Championships for top-league teams. The best padel competition for teams in Spain put the best five men’s and best seven women’s padel teams against one another, in a competition featuring most of the world’s best padel players.

The Councillor for Sports, David Escudé, will be attending the day event on Sunday 21 when the tournament’s finals and awards ceremony will be held. The final women’s match will kick off at 10.30 am and the men’s at 12 noon. They will be followed by the awards ceremony.

The competition hold with all the appropriate hygiene and protective health measures in place.


Barcelona victory options

As for the women’s category, the host team, the Barcelona Royal Polo club, will be aiming to repeat their previous season’s victory. Their rivals will include last year’s silver-medal team, the Chamartín Tennis Club, and the following six teams: the Fit Point Club, the Riba-Roja Padel Club, the Valladolid Royal Equestrian Society Club, the El Éjido Indoor Padel Club, and the La Capellanía i Padel and Tennis Club.

For their part, in the men’s category, two Barcelona teams, the Barcelona Royal Polo Club and the Barcelona Royal Tennis Club 1899, will be battling it out for the championship title. To do that, they will have to defeat the Rivapadel Covibar II, Perú Cáceres Wellness, and Cercle Sabadellès 1856 teams.


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