The Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon ends with a high level of participation

Tue, 17/11/2020 - 12:37

Marathon. 13,500 runners took up the virtual challenge and there were nearly 8,000 finishers

The Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon ends amid great popular support. From 8 to 15 November, 13,459 people took up the 42.195 km challenge, from anywhere in the world, covering the distance in the way that best adapted to their conditions and needs. The profiles of the participants was therefore very varied, from marathon runners who completed the challenge in one day, to people who ran the total distance over the whole week. There were nearly 8,000 finishers.

David Escudé, the Councillor for Sport, declared: “I would like to thank everyone for their participation and involvement in the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon, which reaffirms the idea that Barcelona is a city that enjoys and practices sport. This pandemic has forced us to reinvent ourselves, to seek alternative options which enable us to follow all the necessary health measures while still doing sport. The magnificent response shows that this is possible and that we must keep working along these lines. I would also like to thank all the participants for their commitment and sportsmanship while taking part, putting into practice all the health measures and recommendations. And lastly, I would like to highlight the high levels of solidarity shown in the race, giving Barcelona another opportunity to show that in addition to being a sporting city, it is also a solidarity city. Congratulations to everyone.

We can only thank all the people who took part in the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon. Although we are well aware that it can’t compare with the excitement of being at the starting line on Av. Maria Cristina, in front of the majestic Venetian Towers and surrounded by thousands of runners. All the participants have shown that the commitment and spirit of the Marathon goes way beyond the race itself. Many thanks to everyone who, in spite of the circumstances, adapted and contributed to a really thrilling week. Now, more than ever, we are striving to make the 2021 Marathon A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE”, as stated by Cristian Llorens, the director of the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon.


The Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon in figures

Nearly 8,000 of the 13,459 registered runners finished the 42.195 km. Over 50 nationalities were represented and 30% of the participants were women. There was a wide age range among the participants, with the largest number falling in the 40 to 49 age group, which accounted for 38% of the runners.

All together, they ran over 330,000 km, keeping the goals of many marathon runners alive and awakening interest in many other runners who, under normal conditions, would never have considered taking part in a marathon.


More than 3,800 solidarity medals

The race’s connection with the TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio Marathon was very popular among the participants. Over 3,800 runners bought the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon medal, with €1 of the price going to the TV3 Marathon’s fund raising, which this year went towards Covid-19 research. So, they have already received over €3,800.

Anyone who wishes to do so, whether they took part in the race or not, can collaborate with this solidarity initiative by buying the Virtual 42/7 Zurich Barcelona Marathon medal, at this link, until the evening of Thursday 19 November.

The organisation will start sending off the medals at the end of November.

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