Program at extracurricular schedule

We work for a quality school sport, and we want to do it with all the Barcelona organizations that promote sports in the city.

The different organizing agents of physical and sportive activities aimed at children and youngsters in Barcelona have the chance to spread their offer through this municipal program and aim at participating in the family helping system for the promotion of sportive activities, only if the homologation process is followed which means the compliance of the next five requirements:

  • Degree in Pedagogical Management. The entity’s person in charge of the supervision of the technical and pedagogical aspects of the activities has to have the degree required by the Law 3/2008, in the practice of sport-related occupations.
  • Having a sports educational project in which the main features of the entity and its values are reflected.
  • Having a written annual schedule of the activities.
  • Appropriate athletes-instructors ratio suited to the activity type and the age of the participants, according what is established in each call.
  • Availability of the civil and accidents liability insurances according the current legislation.


The school-age sports activities organizing entities which are homologated have several resources available to ease their work with the aim to guarantee a quality offer. These resources are:

  • Support materials to the activities programming: curriculum of the sportive activities in out-of-school timing, programming document and session cards.
  • Educational materials in values: “Fair Play” comic, exhibition “El paper de les dones a la història de l’esport a Barcelona”, interactive CD “Grada Jove”, etc.
  • Other educational materials: CD about the health benefits of practicing physical activity and sports, etc.

To receive these materials, they must be requested at the mail address:


Entities that want to homologate themselves can do it through the following mail address:

  • The paperwork needed to get homologated is the following:
  • Degree in Pedagogical Management
  • Educational sports project
  • Programming of the activities
  • Participants-instructors ratios
  • Civil liability insurance
  • Accidents insurance


All facilities, entities and educational centers already homologated can introduce a new offer or update the one existing. To have access it is essential to be registered and have a user name and a password.

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