Schedule during school hours

The "School sports in the city" is the sports promotion program that approaches specific proposals of physical activity and sport in the educational centers of the city of Barcelona during school hours and is aimed to all students from infant, primary and secondary education.


How to participate?

The teaching staff must register through the School Activities Program website (PAE) promoted from the Pedagogical Coordination Council of the Barcelona City Council.

What does it offer?

Teaching: theoretical and practical training for teaching staff taught by specialized sports technicians and access to relevant teaching materials for working each one of the contents.

Sports Equipment Loan: Registered teaching staff service that lends specific equipment to support the practice of each of the proposals or disciplines.

Work with the students: specific sessions of practice in the educational center or sports facility, with teachers of physical education and, sometimes, with specialized technicians.

Final activity: meeting of each sports modality in the school, in one installation or in a public space of the city, habitually shared with students from other centers.

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