School sport

Sport is a great way for personal enrichment and for the transmission of values: it helps with the social cohesion and the fight against exclusion; teaches the sense of personal effort and the spirit of overcoming to achieve the goals; know how to win and accept defeats or give responsibilities to the group.

For all these reasons, sport activity has become indispensable in the formation of the individual from an early age, and the teaching of sport and its values must be closely linked to the training plans of the collective of children and teenagers of any community. And the Catalan capital could not be less.

Barcelona City Council, together with the representatives of the sports for kids, institutions, educational centers, teachers, and clubs and sports entities of the city, generate a wide range of sports, both in school hours and leisure time, which aims to bring the sport all the children and young people of Barcelona. In the "School age sport" section of this same website, you can check this wide offer.

In addition, we offer a series of sports services connected to school sports. In this way, we want to work together and has alliances with the entire educational community in the city. Together, we move to a cooperative model with focus on school sports as a central and key element in the city's sport.

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Esport escolar