Barcelona is a city open to all sports and year after year, the action sports are taking center stage and the followers of these sports are increasing progressively. Barcelona offers different possibilities in the public space so that sports action enthusiasts can enjoy free spaces suitable for this practice and specially indicated for this practice. For the moment, there are four Urban Sports Parks spread across the city. They are the following:

  • The Baró de Viver skatepark
  • Via Favència skatepark
  • The Mar Bella Sports Park
  • Àurea Cuadrado Gardens skatepark
  • Marina skatepark

The Baró de Viver skatepark is located in the area near the subway station of the neighborhood. It treats of an area of ​​about 1,200 square meters of surface that includes the different elements necessary to practice skateboard: dunes, platforms and inclined planes, benches, volcanoes, railings of round and angular rails, gaps of different forms (euro gap, bank gap, sushi gap) ramps to jump or slip, or iguana tail.

It is a versatile and beginner park, that is, with the elements of reduced difficulty and therefore specially designed for athletes and sportsmen who are starting out in this sport.

Via Favència skatepark: it has a polyvalent skate area, for the practice of skateboarding and other forms of urban sports. It incorporates elements of urban squares such as benches, stairs, steps, inclined planes, all of them adapted for urban sports practice. The park's surface exceeds 2,200 m2. 

The Mar Bella Sports Park has a surface area of ​​2,985m2. The installation is a polyvalent skid zone, with different difficulties, and with different areas for the practice of various types of skateboarding. It also includes high-end elements that favor biker practice, such as funbox or ramps. 

Àurea Cuadrado Gardens skatepark, with an area of ​​2,572 m², incorporates elements of urban squares such as benches, stairs, stands, platforms, inclined planes, etc., all of them adapted and designed not only to facilitate the practice of " These sports, but also to create a public space of quality, open and enjoyed by pedestrians who do not practice these sports.

Marina skatepark is located in the Plaça del Moviment Obrer, in the Marina de Port neighbourhood, in the Sants-Montjuïc district. It has about 3,000 m² of surface area and spaces for all levels. Organizations of the associative fabric of the Marina district and the world of skating have taken part in the design of the park. It is the newest park that has been opened, in September 2019.

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