Sports offer during extra-curricular schedule

Here you can check the entire offer.

"Esquitxa" (splash): Infant education, 0-3 years.

Through aquatic activities, babies become acquainted with a new way of sensations.

"Mou-te"(move): Infant education, 3-6 years.

Boosting knowledge and control of the body through the development of basic motor skills. It is also aimed to spread the values ​​derived from the relationship with the environment and with other people.
The physical activity included is grouped by type of activities (athletic, gymnastics, expression, with musical support...).

“Descobrim l’esport” (Discovering sports): Primary education, 6-12 years

Activities aimed to the progression of the abilities of children, intended to recognize sport as a way to learn new things, to be healthy and to build friendships. The proposed activities include sports activities and activities of specific disciplines. For the age range between 6 and 8 it is recommended different sporting activity, although in some cases the offer includes activities of a single sports modality.

"Fem esport" (Let’s Do sport): Secondary education, 12-18 years

Includes programs that seek to consolidate the practice of physical activity and

Sports as a healthy habit and a leisure time among young people.

The activities proposed are very diverse: from programs of physical activities with musical support to training with a team that participates in competitions, or going with friends that to train and to play informal leagues.

“L’esport inclou” (Sport includes)

With regard to the participation of children and young people with disabilities, when they type of activity and the degree of disability allow it, the proposal of the offer is to allow their inclusion. The municipal program "Sport includes” offers to the organizing entities an advisory service to help them get it.

The role of families

Once you have helped your son or daughter to choose the sporting activity that he/she will practice, it is very important that:

  • Always keep in mind that the goal is to make easier to your child to keep himself/herself healthy and to create solid friendships.
  • To stay in touch with the entity where it is held the activity to know the evolution of your child.
  • To collaborate with the entity in the tasks that you can help with (trips to competitions, social activities, etc.)

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