Strategic Plan


Through the Barcelona Sports Institute, Barcelona City Council aims to give impetus to sports policy in the city in all areas in order to meet the needs and demands generated by sport in Barcelona.

To this end, it has drawn up the Strategic Plan for Sport, the instrument used to define the strategy for improving the sports system in Barcelona in the future.

The Plan came about as a result of a process involving representatives from different sectors and the various players and agents involved in sport in Barcelona.


The proposal for the Strategic Plan for Sport in Barcelona 2012-2022 was presented to the Full City Council meeting on 25 July 2012. 

The Plan is structured into 6 Master Plans that together incorporate a total of 22 Strategic Projects, most of which will be launched as part of the Action Plan that runs to 2015.

TAC TIC Master Plan

Theories on learning and knowledge, and new information and communication technologies:

1. Barcelona Esport Conecta't

2. Sport support agency

3. International Sports Agency

4. Club service office

5. Barcelona Observatory for Sport and Physical Activity


Educational Sport Master Plan

Sport for the school-age population:

6. L'escola fa esport a la ciutat (Schools do sport in the city)

7. Sports Schools of Barcelona


Sport and Health Master Plan

8. Communication campaign "Physical Activity and Health"

9. "Fes Esport i Salut amb mi" (Do Sport and Health with Me)


Financing Sport Master Plan

10. Barcelona Esports Foundation

11. Annual calendar of major sports events

12. Barcelona sports sponsorship programme


Barcelona International Master Plan

Raising Barcelona's international profile through sport:

13. Barcelona International Sports Market

14. Network of Sports Cities with head offices in Barcelona

15. Barcelona Pyrenees Bid for Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2022

16. Barcelona Centre of Excellence in sports performance

17. Barcelona sport tourism destination


Barcelona Facilities and Spaces for Doing Sport Master Plan

The places for doing sport, the facilities and the city itself as a sports facility:

18. Network of facilities with commitment to quality

19. Barcelona Circuit of sports emotions:

20. Sand, sea and sky

21. Sports Sundays in the city

22. School Sports Facilities Plan

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