We move

The Barcelona City Council, through the collaboration of the Barcelona Sports Institute (IBE) and the Barcelona Public Health Agency (ASPB) incorporates the 'We Moved' program in its goal of promoting sport as a habit of healthy living. In this case, it is especially aimed at elderly people who suffer from the ills of sedentary lifestyle and visit their Primary Care Center (CAP) regularly. These users are offered different physical activities in the open air with the priority objective of improving their health, both physically, psychologically and socially, and, consequently, reducing their visits to medical centers.


  • Hikes: Different urban itineraries that allow to know the city better and especially the neighborhood.
  • Tai-chi: Soft and harmonious movements where relaxation is sought through mental concentration, breathing and movement.
  • Nordic walking: Walking with poles that allow the usual benefits of walking add the improvement of the upper train, lung capacity and flexibility.

Activities are especially aimed at people over 40, although people of any age who may be interested can participate.

It is recommended to go with comfortable clothes, sports shoes and a bottle of water. In addition, in the summer it is also advisable to wear a cap.

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