ACTUA Call - Centre Cívic Can Castelló

1 January, 2021 - 00:01 to 31 December, 2021 - 23:59

This call is addressed to all those bands, songwriters and theatre or dance groups/companies (all participants should be over 18 years old), whether amateur or semi-professional, who work do small format work, that is, in unconventional spaces and with short-term performances, and need a space to show their work.


The Can Castelló Community Center call is open all year to project submission.


  • Showing/presenting the project at the community center.

  • Free-of-charge performance, there will be no earnings or box office %.

  • 2 final rehearsals in the community center before the performance.

  • Technical support during the final rehearsal and the performance.

  • Dissemination of the show through the usual community center channels (flyer, web, poster ...).


All persons, groups or companies who submit to the call must commit to show the project under the same conditions they proposed and on the agreed dates. In the event that this changes or if the project does not take place, the artist or group must compensate the Community Center for the rehearsals and the unfulfilled commitment.


The Community Center’s programming team will contact people, groups or companies that request to participate in ACTUA via email

Application Submission

To apply for these places you must send a dossier with the following information:

  • The application form that we attach and can be downloaded at in the "Actúa" section.

  • Artist or company CV.

  • Previous creation material if deemed necessary as reference material.

  • Suggested performing period adapted to the needs.

  • Any other consideration worth mentioning.


The dossiers should be sent in .pdf or .doc format to: and the concept “ACTUA” + name of the company, group, artist must be indicated in the subject of the message.

El Community Center reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned terms. 

Assessment criteria

  • The performance proposal-idea is devised and previously unperformed. 

  • The technique of the show is compatible with the space and equipment of the space where it will be performed.

  • The performance calendar is compatible with the availability of spaces in the Center.



Proposals that include racist, sexist, homophobic contents or that violate people's rights will be discarded.

Contact information: 

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