Casa Planas Art Investigation Programme (Palma de Mallorca)

1 May, 2020 - 00:01 to 30 June, 2020 - 23:59

Casa Planas in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut announces a second edition of artistic research residencies to develop and produce innovative projects that reflect on the cultural relations between the Planas Archive and German culture.


The Centre d’Investigació Artística i de Cultura Contemporània Casa Planas (Casa Planas Artistic and Contemporary Culture Research Centre) promotes a programme of research residencies for creators and thinkers linked to contemporary art.


Projects must be linked to German culture, whether this be in the form of artistic references, moments from history or current and cultural events. The need to establish a new cultural cartography which analyzes, in an inclusive way, the cultural consequences of contemporary global mobility is pressing.


In relation to this link with German culture, mediation projects that have direct social relevance to the Casa Planas field of work and neighbourhood or that are related to the subject of archives, postcards, landscape, tourism and memory, will also be valued. They are especially interested in audiovisual, performative disciplines and transdisciplinary proposals.


The programme fosters contexts for creation through workspaces, research processes, round tables, co-creation labs and meetings between artists, curators, groups and professionals in the sector.


The aim of the programme is to embrace national and international projects to, on one hand, bring projects from abroad to the island’s local artists and on the other, to stimulate reflection and research from a local perspective around the cultural flow and international influences in the Balearic islands.


A short publication will be created in order to document the creation processes of the selected residents.


A total of 3 grants will be given, one for each modality


  • MOD A.: Aimed at artists living in Mallorca to develop a residency project at the Casa Planas creation center.


  • MOD B.: Aimed at artists with an international profile to develop a residency project at the Casa Planas creation center.


  • MOD C.: Aimed at artists with an international profile to develop a residency proposal for sound/radio exploration at the Casa Planas creation center.

Who is it aimed at?

Artists, thinkers, researchers, cultural producers and curators. 18 years old and over.

Grant aid

1.500 € gross plus accomodation.


Residents Obligations

  1. Selected artists must keep a record of the development of their project, to be presented within a month of finishing the residency. The record should be between 4 and 10 pages long and include high quality images of the work process.
  2. Artists are required to donate their project, together with a copy -if reproduction is possible- to become part of the Casa Planas archive. If there are no such materials available, documentation of the process and results will need to be presented. These records will not be used at any time by Casa Planas for any commercial purposes.
  3. Neither the Casa Planas or the Goethe-Institut logos may be published without prior approval obtained via email from the management of each center.
  4. Any public interventions or written communications, be they individual or joint, linked to the projects as well as all the publications made during the period in which the grant is enjoyed and in the technical file of the project in future samples, must acknowledge the status of research resident at Casa Planas and the Goethe-Institut.
  5. Successful candidates  must leave the workspace in the same conditions in which they found it.
  6. Successful candidates may not have previously undertaken the same residency at Casa Planas.
  7. Successful candidates  must spend 80% of their residency period working personally in Casa Planas.
  8. Successful candidates will have to attend the activities programmed within the framework of the residences such as visits and professional meetings.


Casa Planas commitment

  1. Provision of necessary tools and technological equipment (subject to availability).
  2. Studio space at Casa Planas.
  3. Support in the creative process.
  4. Access to cultural activities at Casa Planas.
  5. Networking and introduction to cultural agents in Palma.
  6. Help documentation of residency processes for future publication.
  7. Promotion of the residents projects through social and other media.
  8. Organize a public presentation of the projects developed at Casa Planas on a date agreed between the management of the centre and the Goethe-Institut.



The Goethe-Institut will provide the Casa Planas cultural center with the financial means to allocate funds and supervise the residencies.


The Casa Planas management will make a pre-selection of candidates.


The final decision on Casa Planas residencies will be made by a committee made up of:

  • a representative of the Goethe-Institut in Barcelona
  • a representative of the Hangar Visual Arts Production and Research Center in Barcelona
  • a representative of Casa Planas

Convening entities

Casa Planas
Av. Sant Ferran 21
07011 Palma
Illes Balears (Espanya)



Application deadline

The deadline for applications ends on June 30th, 2020 at 24.00h.

Evaluation criteria

a)  It is imperative to explore aspects of interculturalism between Germany and Malllorca.


b)Value will be given to the following:

  • Proposals linked to the Planas Archive and Germany.
  • Mediation projects related to the Casa Planas neighbourhood and Germany.
  • Projects which reflect on environmental issues.
  • Proposals from people who have a migratory background connected to Germany.


c)  The viability of the project, the innovation and creativity of the proposal.


d) The cultural, artistic and social impact and projection.


Deadline for applications: June 30th, 2020 at 24.00h
Resolution: Before July 30th, 2020

Application process

All applications must be sent via email to and must include the following information:


a) Subject: Art Investigation Programme 2020 - Modality [A, B or C ].

b) You should attach:

  1. Project to be developed during the residency with an explanatory text.
  2. Artistic statement, C.V. and portfolio: a maximum of 5 pages.
  3. Completed application form including contact information.


- Only one PDF (maximum 20MB) will be admitted.

- The application may be written in Catalan, Spanish or English

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