• 25 November Award Go to content

    Adopting the slogan “BCN Antimasclista i Intercultural” [An intercultural and anti-male-chauvinist BCN], this year’s edition is aimed at supporting initiatives for researching into, putting the spotlight on and encouraging public awareness and rejection of the various forms and areas of gender violence affecting the lives of women immigrants.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/premi25n_banner_555x512_en.png
  • Women's film series "Actions and resistances" Go to content

    Between June 18 and September 22, you can enjoy free five outdoor movies in five districts of the city. 

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/555x312px_cinedones_4_0.jpg
  • Barcelona launches a free APP for detecting where sexist attacks and assaults occur Go to content

    You can now download the BCN Antimasclista (anti-sexist violence) app for free.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/banner_555x312_en.png
  • Barcelona Cuida has opened Go to content

    Barcelona Care Centre is a pioneering centre that aims to showcase all the city's existing care resources and make them available to everyone. 

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/banner_bcncuida_555x312_en_0.jpg
  • Plan for gender justice 2016-2020 Go to content

    Consult the fundamental instrument of action of the Barcelona City Council for the elimination of gender inequalities.

    Go to the pdf https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/p_4.2_pla_justicia_genere.jpg
  • Campaign 2018 Go to content

    Begining of the campaign "The future is not sexist" on the occasion of the 25N, International Day Against Masclist Violence.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/web_feminisme_555x312_julia_en.png
  • Schools for equality and diversity Go to content

    Get to know the program for the promotion of equality, equity and respect in children and adolescents from 3 to 16 years of the schools and institutes of Barcelona.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/escoles_banner_web_dones.jpg
  • Municipal plan for sexual and gender diversity Go to content

    Barcelona City Council’s main action tool for eliminating the inequalities and violence that arise from sexual orientation, gender identity and differences in sexual development

    Go to the pdf https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/pla_570x370_ok_gb.jpg
  • Regulation for gender equity Go to content

    The new regulation aims to remove the structures that produce inequality between women and men in the functioning of Barcelona City Council.

    More info https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/portadadef_ok.png
  • Night-life protocol against sexual harassment Go to content

    Prevention initiatives, guidelines for identifying harassment and support aimed at night-life venues in order to tackle sexual assaults and attacks.

    Go to the pdf https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/p_4.2_protocol_nocallem_en_3.jpg
  • 2017 UTEH Report Go to content

    Presentation and summary of the assignments carried out by the Municipal Unit against Human Trafficking (UTEH).

    Go to the pdf https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/p_informe_uteh_en.jpg
  • BCN Antimasclista Go to content

    Barcelona is a city that rejects gender violence and promotes equality. #bcnantimasclista

    Go to the web https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/feminismes-lgtbi/sites/default/files/p_destacat_499x282_es_0.jpg

Participation councils

  • Photo of the Barcelona Women's Council
    Women's Councils
    Women's Councils

    Women’s Councils are participatory bodies for Barcelona’s women in the City Council’s policies on both a city level (Barcelona Municipal Women’s Council) and district level (District Women's Councils).

  • Photo of the Barcelona LGTBI Council
    LGBTI Council
    LGBTI Council

    The Municipal Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Intersexual Council is a consultative and participatory body whose goal is to promote equal rights, freedoms and social recognition of the LGBTI collective.