The Barcelona City Councillor’s Office for Feminism and LGBTI Affairs launches initiatives to ensure real equal treatment, opportunities and results between women and men and respect for sexual and gender diversity in every area of the city.

The cornerstone of the policies and initiatives of the Councillor's Office is the fight against inequality and sexism and the commitment to gender equity, that is, a commitment to real and effective equality, recognition, freedom and gender justice.

We likewise believe that inequalities between men and women and on the grounds of LGBTI diversity result from inequalities generated by sexist and patriarchal systems. That is why the Councillor’s Office promotes close coordination between the policies for sexual and gender diversity and policies aimed at equity between men and women.

The central goal of the policy for gender equity is to incorporate the gender perspective and a feminist approach into all the initiatives carried out by the City Council, to achieve a fairer city that is more democratic and respectful.

We want a Barcelona with rights and opportunities for everyone in every field of life (cultural, economic, social and political).

The main goals pursued by the Councillor's Office for Feminism and LGBTI Affairs are to:

• Achieve real equal rights, opportunities and results between women and men.
• Put an end to the exclusion of people with bodies, identities, expressions and desires that fall outside gender norms.
• Launch and coordinate policies for fighting against gender violence and LGBTI-phobia.
• Promote the economic, political and social rights of all women in their diversity and LGBTI people, while strengthening their recognition and visibility. 
• Include the intersectional-gender and LGBTI perspective in all the City Council's departments and areas, through the Department of Gender Mainstreaming.
• Work jointly with the city’s feminist, social and institutional players.

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