• City Council’s tool for combating gender inequalities and transforming the city from a feminist perspective. Its goals include strengthening mechanisms for the political, social and technological participation of women, irrespective of their age, origins or social condition, as well as rethinking, from the principle of fairness between women and men, public spaces, infrastructures, mobility, housing, business opening times, social, educational and health-care services and the city’s cultural model.
  • It constitutes Barcelona City Council’s main action tool for promoting the sexual and gender diversity perspective, and eliminating the inequalities and violence that arise from sexual orientation, gender identity and differences in sexual development.


Municipal government measures

  • A government measure whose goal is to strengthen the system for detecting and preventing gender violence in the city, as well as assisting victims and supporting them in their recovery. It is divided up into three areas geared towards key elements for a comprehensive approach to gender violence: an information and analysis system of the phenomenon; a detection, assistance and recovery system and a prevention system.
  • A government measure aimed at providing the City Council with the bases for establishing a conceptual, organisational, regulatory and executive framework for rolling out real and effective gender mainstreaming and thereby ensuring that gender equality is a central goal of the entire City Council, municipal areas and districts alike, in all fields of action.