Barcelona Cultura


  • Family activity Presentation of the book: Muoz Ramonet, retrat d'un home sense imatge [Muoz Ramonet, portrait of a man without image] ?Thursday 4th April | 6 p.m.

    Conference held by: Manel Risques, Professor of Contemporary History at the Universidad de Barcelona and editor of the book; Xavier Muoz, entrepreneur; Jos Mart Gmez, journalist and Miguel ngel Montas, journalist.
  • Family activity Conference on art and collectors: How did Julio Muoz become a collector? Friday 5th April | 6 p.m.

    Lecture by Esther Alsina, author of the book and Professor of History of Art at the Universidad de Barcelona. Professor Esther Alsina will discuss how Julio Muoz Ramonet became the owner of one of the most important art collections, previously owned by Rmulo Bosch i Catalina. She will also discuss the contents of said collection and of additional pieces from other art forms: decorative art pieces, furniture, ceramics and tapestries, which were later acquired by Muoz Ramonet.
  • Family activity Concert: The saxophone quartet sound ?Saturday 6th April | 6 p.m.

    Limnos Quartet proposes a journey through different eras, styles, colours and textures to demonstrate all that the saxophone quartet has to offer. They will play their original pieces, as well as others written for the organ, string quartet or orchestra, but today performed by the four saxophones. Gemma Torralbo, soprano saxophone; Esther Sabat, alto saxophone; Elena Len, tenor saxophone; Nria Brull, baritone saxophone.
  • Family activity Solo Eva [Only Eva] Sunday 7th April | 12 p.m.

    Today this Clown is EVA. A contemporary Eva, a clown in flesh and blood, that lives in conflict between doing what she likes and her duty. By Caprina.
  • Family activity Sant Jordi in the garden. El contador de leyendas [The storyteller of legends] Tuesday 23rd April | 6 p.m.

    El Contador de leyendas by the Compaa Jordi Font. A musician and an actor come together to tell stories and legends from Catalan lands. Live music is used as a dramatic and emotional medium. All the characters and scenarios are performed by one actor / minstrel using body, voice and movement. A show for all audiences. A stand at this event will be selling the book: Muoz Ramonet, retrato de un hombre sin imagen [Muoz Ramonet, portrait of a man without image].