Barcelona Cultura


  • For all audiences Marta Cascales Alimbau Saturday, day 4 | 7 pm

    Concert by the award-winning Barcelona pianist and composer who creates classical music with a contemporary and minimalist vision.

    "Porque el piano, en sobre manos, no parece tanto un instrumento de cuerda percutida como un ser vivo con respiracin propia." Fernando Neira (El Pas)

    Duration: 50 minutes.
  • Cienciart - Family activity The science of color from Cia. La Mandarina de Newton* Sunday, day 19 | 12 pm

    Through a thread on color we will understand how the perception of color occurs, we will reveal the link between churches of the Middle Ages and nanoscience and we will observe the color changes in some chemical reactions.
  • Cienciart - Family activity Magnetic beaty from Marc Boada, Associaci Pndulum* Sunday, day 26 | 12 pm

    Magnets have always captivated us and today more than ever, they are essential in the world of technology. In this activity, we will be able to see giant magnets interacting with very different subjects and we will discover that the border between art and science is becoming more and more blurred.
    Duration: 50 min
    * Free admission and activity without reservation until capacity is reached (maximum 80 people).