The Foundation recovers ┬źGreco and Goya┬╗ art pieces

After years of lawsuits to recover the art collection, on 29th June, two of the most important works that the industrialist Julio Mu├▒oz Ramonet bequeathed to the Foundation that bears his name were returned to the city of Barcelona! They are The Annunciation by El Greco and The Apparition of the Virgin of the Pillar by Goya.

These works of art were part of the collection of R├│mul Bosch i Catareniu whom he sold in 1934 to the textile consortium of the Uni├│n Industrial Algodonera, SA (UIASA) and which were given as a deposit for a 10 year loan given by the Instituto Contra el Paro Forzoso [Institute Against Unemployment] of the Generalidad de Catalu├▒a [Regional Government of Catalonia].

A few months later, the collection was stored at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, and in 1950 it passed on to Julio Mu├▒oz Ramonet as the new owner of the Uni├│n Industrial Algodonera, SA (UIASA), who assumed payment of the loan. At the same time, he began talks with the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona [Barcelona City Council] who was safeguarding the collection. The delivery was finalised when Mu├▒oz Ramonet sold to the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona a set of artworks (currently part of the collection of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya).

When he died in 1991, he bequeathed his estate, the two houses and all its content (including the art collection) to the city of Barcelona. The Fundaci├│ Julio Mu├▒oz Ramonet was established in 1995. In March 2012, the Supreme Court issued a judgment obliging its heirs to hand over this legacy to the Foundation, and in 2013 they handed over the keys to the estate.

While waiting for the appeals to be resolved on ownership of these paintings that the family filed against the Supreme Court ruling, the judge decided to provisionally store them at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya and has authorised for them to be exhibited to the general public as a long-term loan.

Francisco de Goya?
The Apparition of the Virgin of the Pillar to Saint James and his disciples
?Circa 1780?
Oil on canvas, 120 x 98 cm?
Judicial order and long-term loan at the Museu Nacional d┬ĺArt de Catalunya (MNAC)
The composition made by Francisco de Goya faithfully follows the traditional Marian iconography of the miraculous appearance of the Virgin Mary to the apostle James and his disciples next to the Ebro river. Several approaches painted by Goya on this subject are known, this being the least studied and known.

Domenikos Theotok├│poulos, El Greco?
The Annunciation - Archangel Gabriel announces to the Virgin Mary that she has been chosen to be the mother of the Son of God.
?Oil on canvas, 107 x 94 cm?
Judicial order and long-term loan at the Museu Nacional d┬ĺArt de Catalunya (MNAC)
The Annunciation has been one of the most discussed topics by Domenikos Theotok├│poulos, El Greco (India, Crete, 1541-Toledo, 1614). This painting is catalogued as one of the initial artworks dedicated to this subject. Painted during his passage through Italy, from Crete and before settling in Toledo, it reflects the influence of the Italian Renaissance school.
The Museo de Prado in Madrid retains a smaller tableau that repeats the same theme and composition but with a different execution. Some specialists consider it from an earlier time.