Presentation of the collective book: “Muñoz Ramonet, retrat dún home sense imatge” [Muñoz Ramonet, portrait of a man without image].

On Wednesday 12th June, at 7 p.m., marking the eighth anniversary of Can Batlló, the presentation of the collective book “Muñoz Ramonet, retrat dún home sense imatge” (Comanegra 2019), took place at the Auditori de Can Batlló.

Julio Mu├▒oz Ramonet is one of the most enigmatic figures of the mid twentieth century Barcelona society. For decades he was one of the most powerful men in the city and yet he was a man without an image: very few photographs have been found of him. Mu├▒oz's operations were never entirely clear. The long litigation process surrounding the legacy of his great art collection, which ended after years of hazy and obscure dealings, is what has most marked his name since his death (Switzerland, 1991). Nonetheless, Mu├▒oz Ramonet exemplified a certain way ┬Ĺto make money┬ĺ: by representing the vanguard of liberalism without modern-day regulations, projecting an era on to the present.

?Montserrat Llonch (author of the book)?
Joan Miquel Gual (author of the book)?
Manel Risques (co-ordinator)?
Joan Sala (Director of Comanegra editorial company)??

Place, day and time?
Auditori Can Batll├│ (C/Constituci├│ 19, corner with C/Olzinelles), on Wednesday, 12th June, 7 p.m.??

Organised by:
Can Batll├│, Mem├▓ria en moviment and Fundaci├│ Julio Mu├▒oz Ramonet.