ISEA2022. 27th International Symposium of Electronic Art

The garden of the Foundation Julio Muñoz Ramonet will receive distinct of activities that form part of this International Symposium, devoted to foster the interdisciplinary academic speech centered at the intersections of the art, the design, the science, the tech and the society.

Cycle of workshops and dialogues hybrid Ecosystems at an urban landscape Science, citizen science, art and journalism.

Tuesday, 7 of June, at the  11 h
Quantum, Art and Uncertainty
Dialogue among the artist Paul Thomas and the researcher of the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Maciej Lewenstein.

Sunday, 12 of June, at the 12 h
The physicist of the dance
Workshop-talk at Irene's charge Lapuente of the Mandarin of Newton in the cycle C13NCI4RT.

Monday, 13 of June, at the 17 h
Audible Map
At V�ctor Jim�nez's charge and Marc Aguilar of Bit Lab Cultural SCCL.

17:30 h
Listening the birds
At charge of Elo�sa Matheu of Audible Nature

Tuesday, 14 of June, at the 17 h
Mosquito Alert
At Isis's charge Sanpera, John Palmer, Roger Eritja and Alex Richter-Boix of the UPF and the CREAF.

17:30 h
Looking the life
Dialogue with Rub�n Duro of Science into Images

18:00 h
Presentation of the book La ciencia de la microbiota, of Cristina S�ez and Foundation Al�cia. Dialogue with Cristina S�ez

Dimecres, 15 of June, at the 17 h
Memories of art and the science of smell
At Rosa Arias's charge, Mar Escarrabill and Isidora Fern�ndez of Science for Change.