City plan

The mission of the City Plan is to lead and manage the updating and maintenance of the city’s cartography, geodesy and addresses, in order to disseminate its services, products and knowledge to municipal bodies, public administrations, professionals and the general public.

Its functions include:

To promote the updating and maintenance of Topographic Cartography and its derivative products, which provide support for establishing thematic maps and territorial censuses.

To manage and improve the physical and technological infrastructure of the Topographical Network, as part of the Catalan Integrated Positioning Service, which provides support for updating topographic maps.

The georeferencing of private places, determining the criteria and, where necessary, assigning addresses to properties, building entrances, real estate and establishments.

The georeferencing of public places by defining and updating graphs, polygons and everything that makes it possible to locate and codify features and functions.

To manage the databases relating to the city’s place names, nomenclature and addresses, establishing and maintaining the labelling of the place name and the address in city maps.

To manage, maintain and disseminate Barcelona City Council’s SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure), while also collaborating with the IDEC to permanently improve that infrastructure.

Technical support for the delimitation of administrative divisions within municipal boundaries, through cartographic production, the production of proposed reports and meetings with other local bodies and the Government of Catalonia.

To collaborate with bodies within the Administration whose responsibilities involve cartography and geographical information and to represent the City Council on the Cartographic Coordination Commission of Catalonia, taking part in its working groups.

To publish and disseminate cartographic and geographical-information products and services as well as fostering and promoting the City Council’s cartographic and geographical-information services.

Since 1995, the City Plan Department has organically been part of the Operations and Systems Directorate of the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Information Technologies, although it has an extensive history dating back to 1925 (you can read about its history on Viquipèdia).


infografia pla de ciutat


Products and services

Barcelona City Council’s City Plan deals with the publication and dissemination of cartographic and geographical-information products produced by the various municipal services. On the website there are access and download services for the Municipal Topographic Map’s cartographic base, other maps produced from the cartographic base, such as the BCN Map and data produced on top of the cartographic base, such as addresses, administrative boundaries, municipal plots of land, urban planning and other sectors.

List of services that are part of the Spatial Data Infrastructure, under the responsibility of the IMI’s City Plan Department:

Cartographic Information Point (BCN PIC)

Rapid production of topographical, urban planning and land-plot maps in PDF format, based on an address and available in various printing scales. Printing services are not offered, although access to digital information in various formats is facilitated. The prints are valid for informative purposes.

Barcelona City Council’s geoportal

This portal offers access to a series of resources and services based on maps and geographical information. It enables users to discover, access and view geospatial data, using a standard browser, and facilitates the integration, inter-operability and exchange of information between the various institutions, professional groups, service companies and the general public.

Download site for Barcelona City Council Maps (CartoBCN)

This is the download site for municipal maps and geographical data in various CAD and GIS formats (Geopackage, Dgn, GeoPDF, etc.). It also makes it possible to choose between current and historical products.

List of the most representative services under the responsibility of other municipal departments:


This offers geolocation information about addresses, services and facilities in the city, over the Municipal Topographic Map produced by the City Plan Department.

Urban-Planning Information BCN

This enables users to consult urban-planning information, integrating content on planning, classification and agreements, architectural heritage, urban-planning management and the urban-planning map, all in one place. The urban-planning map has been redrawn over the Topographic Map and Municipal Land Plots produced by the City Plan Department.


Procedures and enquiries

Postcode report


Procedure for requesting a report on the address or addresses designated to entrances to new-builds or renovated buildings.

Reports and certificates of change of name and/or numbering of a street


Procedure to request a document certifying the change of a street’s name or the number of a property.

Problems with a location’s urban-planning address


Incidents relating to the urban-planning address of a location (e.g. road and/or street and/or number), due to the urban planning address not being in the system, or because it is incomplete.

Problems in regard to the property-tax registry reference and the address


Incidents relating to a location’s property-tax registry reference and its urban-planning address, where the reference is not in the system, or the stairway and/or the floor and/or the flat are not on the list, or the cadastral address does not match the initial one.

Incidents and suggestions relating to geographical-information and cartographic publications


Incidents and suggestions relating to City Plan publications.

Incidents involving street-name signs


Request for repairing damage to street-name signs or replacing them (nomenclature).

Suggested change of name or suggested new name for a street or public place


Proposing new names for streets or public places.



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