A website has been launched which carries out analytic monitoring of the evolution of COVID-19 in the city

The City Council is providing daily information on various aspects relating to the impact of COVID-19 on people's health, society, the economy and air quality through a website monitoring the evolution of the epidemic in the city.

Thanks to all the technological and sensory infrastructures that the City Council has deployed throughout Barcelona, the Municipal Data Office (OMD) has the capacity to generate, collect, store, process and share a large quantity of data of great intrinsic value for city residents, thereby boosting the City Council’s commitment to the people.

Since the start of the lockdown, the OMD has been conducting weekly COVID-19 impact surveys with city residents, to study its impact on the areas of healthcare, jobs, the current lockdown situation, perceptions of the crisis and its management by government institutions.

The current volume of information generated by citizens and the City Council itself through its activities, combined with existing technology and data science, allows us to make a leap forward and become more efficient at capturing, storing and analysing data, as well as drawing conclusions that help with decision-making for new public measures.

The data processed by the OMD are becoming an infrastructure of public interest and therefore a shared resource for the common good which enables faster and more democratic decision-making, the promotion of innovation, the achievement of better public services and, finally, the empowerment of the people.

All the information collected during this period can be found on this website, available in Catalan, Spanish and English. Users can therefore consult its data on the impact of the Coronavirus in Barcelona: monitor its evolution by neighbourhood, its effects on mobility and economic, employment and many other indicators.

The data are shown on charts, lists and maps, making it easier for them to be understood. Even so, datasets are being prepared in several formats so that all the indicators displayed on this website can be published on the Open Data BCN portal. This means all the information will be published for Barcelona’s city residents.

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