‘Barcelona lidera’ at the new edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress

Saturday, November 12, 2022 - 11:05

Smart City. The fair is on from 15 to 17 November and includes a stand with the slogan “Barcelona leads the way / Barcelona lidera”.

Barcelona City Council will have a stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) from 15 to 17 November, under the slogan “Barcelona leads the way / Barcelona lidera”. The stand will outline the project to move towards a fairer, more competitive and sustainable city, with a diverse economy to generate quality jobs and adapt to new challenges such as the ecological and digital transition. In all, 40 innovative projects rolled out by the various municipal areas will be on display and the stand is set to welcome over 50 international delegations during the congress.

The stand is structured into three main areas: Barcelona has a plan to keep going forward, offering the roadmap for transformation and the creation of opportunities for a fairer, more competitive and sustainable future: Barcelona inspires to shape the future, through the main hubs for talent and start-ups in the world to create tomorrow’s solutions; and Barcelona innovates for care and growth, with backing for innovation, new technologies and the digital economy to make people’s lives easier and drive new opportunities.

Some of the innovative projects in the different areas will be on display on the stand, such as an iPad for displaying the Smou app, an electric Bicing module, an Endolla charging point for electric cars, the ARI robot assistant, the refrigerated cabinets used at municipal markets and more.

The stand also features a forum section offering various talks and lectures to foster in-depth discussion about the digital transformation of Barcelona and how technology is a key tool for helping people in the democratisation of the city.

The municipal stand also features an area where ten innovative companies (WITRACE, GEODA, SMARTDATASYSTEM, DATACTIONS, QOOD, HERTA, ONEMIND, COLUMAT, SENSOTRAN and CTRL 4 ENVIRO), selected through a joint call by Barcelona Activa-Government of Catalonia-AMB, will be presenting their products, projects and solutions.

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