Eleven projects to ensure a fair and inclusive digital transition and improve urban sustainability

Friday, November 12, 2021 - 18:35

Digital rights. One of the projects seeks to transform plastic collected along our coast and waste from non-managed nautical and maritime activity.

The eleven winning projects in the second edition of “The proactive city. Barcelona in action” promote new city models which are more resilient from social, economic, environmental and political perspectives. The total amount awarded by the subsidy call is 627,000 euros, which will be divided between eight large projects and three micro projects focusing on tech and digital manufacturing.

The category for projects to receive between15,000 and 100,000 euros includes those that develop demonstration activities or pilot projects to validate the reliability of the initial goals, as well as the feasibility of their estimated impact. There are 8 winning projects in all:

Citizen Urban Health Lab

Lab CSU involves citizens in an analytical co-design and implementation process for real solutions, as well as working on awareness and the promotion of challenges to improve quality of life and urban health through science, tech and social innovation.


Suite for the agile, sovereign, interoperable, efficient and sustainable digitalisation of music schools in Barcelona.


R-Barceloneta seeks to transform the plastic gathered along our coast and the waste from non-managed nautical and maritime activity, reintroducing them into the value chain as a product, fostering innovation and the social economy.

Umbrales urbanos/Calles habitables. San Martí de Provençals

The project Umbrales urbanos/Calles habitables aims to improve urban life and relationships between local people in C/ Perú – Paraguay through the co-design of test solutions to improve the habitability of areas next to fences at public facilities, and the creation of a digital and social platform to strengthen the community.


The education platform AULAMAR is a tool for change towards a more sustainable relationship with the sea in Barcelona. AULAMAR introduces secondary school and baccalaureate students to tech tools to apply in the coastal and sea sphere and increase environmental awareness.

Advisory service on collective agro-organic transition

Creation of a digital advice service on collective agro-organic transition, with its own programme based on digital tools and tested at various centres in a district of Barcelona.

WikiHousing Barcelona

WikiHousing Barcelona proposes the participatory production of affordable and sustainable housing for young people. The project will make young people aware, give them the skills and empower them in a Do-It-With-Others process. The experience will lead to the co-design, construction and monitoring of a collective housing prototype.

Barcelona Restauració Circular (web platform)

EAT CIRCULAR develops a methodology for the assessment and certification of the degree of circular processes at restaurants and, later, the implementation of a website tool to facilitate post-pandemic restaurant activity within the circular carbon-free economy, fostering responsible consumption and more.

This year’s call introduced the option of funding micro projects with subsidies of between 5,000 and 15,000 euros. Initiatives were rewarded for solutions which prioritise the use of technology and digital manufacturing through the city’s fab lab network and the support of staff at these facilities. There were three winning micro projects in all:

FORMA – Open Platform for Product Customisation

FORMA is a social and tech innovation project which uses an open and freely accessible digital platform allowing its users to easily personalise various products.


CIBICO is a system which allows users to create posters based on organic waste, without using inks, 100% biodegradable and offering a great graphic versatility. The system also means they can be recycled and reused to produce new posters, completing their circular life cycle.

Digital manufacturing to improve Benet Corner

Training and digital manufacturing for young people in vulnerable situations and design and manufacturing of elements to embellish the Espai Benet Corner.




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