Mobile Week returns to bring technology closer to the public

The fourth edition of Mobile Week is on from 20 February to 1 March, using the slogan ‘Technology for citizens’ offering people a chance to actively participate in the changes linked to new technologies.

This year’s edition will be offering free debates, open to all, using reflection and active participation for people to enhance their use of technology. Activities will be based around three themes:

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence: to reflect on how human and artificial intelligence can combine.
  • Data and cybersecurity: to debate the adequate use of data.
  • Mobility of the future: with the creation of more sustainable models.

Workshops will enable people to discover new habits for getting around efficiently, understand how technology addiction can be avoided, how to make good use of social media and how artificial intelligence can change our everyday life. There’s also an interactive activity to reflect on people’s level of connectivity.

Mobile Week starts on 20 February at the ONCE auditorium, with a conference by Joan Pahisa on technology, disability and the way to a more inclusive future, and rounds off with Family Day at the Old Damm Factory on 1 March.

The fourth edition of Mobile Week has increased the number of participating venues in Catalonia from 5 to 15, the goal being to extend the debate on the digital revolution.

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